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Dinner Specials


Wed -& Thur  4:30 - 7 pm

All Drinks at Bar 1/2 Price

Friday and Sat  4:30 - 7:00 pm

Enjoy Two Martinis for $12.01

Dinner Service Wednesday - Saturday 

Wednesday and Thursday we offer our full Tapas & Light Fare menu

Friday and Saturday we offer additional Featured Entrees

Weekly Specials

The following specials will be offered this week

February 12 & 13

Features for this week

Baked Salmon

Oven steamed with white wine, butter, and lemon.  Dressed with our Dill sauce and plated with a side of choice.



Teres Major

Grilled to desired temp, dressed with our Mushroom Feta cheese butter sauce and plated with a side of choice.



Noodle Bowl

Seasonal vegetables simmered in a vegetable stock with buckwheat soba noodle. 


Make it your own my adding Chicken, Crab, Shrimp or all three.


Our Entree sides this evening are

Roasted New Potato, Grilled Asparagus, Wilted Spinach

Enjoy a house bottle of wine for only $12.00 with your Entree choice.








For more information contact Steve & Paul

Entrees Martinis

Ginny's Crab Cake

An original family recipe that is baked to perfection . Historically served as two cakes, Now as one large Cake.


...more entrees  

With Vodka, Possibilities are endless!

Appletini      Blue Tini      Chocotini      Dirty Tini      Espressotini      Fuzzy Bumm      Grand Manderin      Grapefruit Tini      Gummy Bear      Lemontini      Raspberry Tini      Savanahtini      The Exceptional Tini      Vodka      Watermelontini     

...and more!

Sun Feb 14 Cancice Mowbray Performing tonight at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
  Valentines Day Brunch at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
Wed Feb 17
HAPPY HOUR @ GGs at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
Thu Feb 18
HAPPY HOUR @ GGs at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
Fri Feb 19
HAPPY HOUR @ GGs at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar

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41 N. Potomac St.


MD 21740

Tel: (301) 790-2343

Mon & Tues   8:30am-2:30pm
Wed, Thu & Fri   8:30am-2:30pm & 4:30pm–9:00pm
Sat   4:30pm-9pm
Sun    Closed

"Even when the Gourmet Goat wasn't open yet I got free coffee - now that's customer service! "

Chris - Hagerstown